Elementary Electronic Solfeggio At the initial stage of musical training, the students and their parents often have problems with ear training. This is due to imperfections in methods of teaching the discipline. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gina Bonati has to say. Solfeggio is a very important part of fully master any musical instrument. If a child does not work out a correct idea of the first ear training lessons in music school, then I can assure you that in future it may become an obstacle for studies, especially when playing the instrument. You can not blame the difficulty of comprehension of children solfege teachers and inadequate teaching methods of the subject. The main reason that children have a very negative set of to sol-fa, consists in the fact that from the first lesson, the children do not sing. Then, as the main task of the subject and is able to afford child musical intonation, to understand the essence of music, namely understand for themselves its basic laws. Often in practice we see the talented children who are initially learning to master the game easily on the instrument, but superficially related to studies on solfege. Less capable and "deprived talent" on the contrary diligently engaged solfedzhirovaniem and as a consequence of "outperform" their opponents conceited. This manual, which you can "download" link on and as its main aim to help children, their parents and teachers in the initial learning solfege. In the manual there are about hundreds of examples that can sing the notes, and then run music file for comparison. Electronic form of examples makes the process more fun and accessible to children. A child without the participation of adults can comprehend individual basis solfege. At the same site or a site You can "download" a lot of guidance...
Kharkov University In connection with my scientific work I been abroad at the meetings, which brought together scientists from different European countries. We talked, debated, have expressed their views. I could not help comparing (and tried to do it fairly) general level thinking, knowledge and culture of our people with the Europeans. Should be absolutely honest, the comparison was clearly in our favor. Our scientists are allocated flexible, tenacious intellect, ability to lead discussions, to think strategically. AND while they do not exceed the limits of decency: the emotional coloring of communication was, but these emotions are not turned into resentment and conflict. What can be said about the rest. Kharkov University lecturer sure our talent people as evidence of my thesis about the talent of our people will cite the opinion of one professor of Kharkov University, with whom fate brought me one day by chance in the bus. Unfortunately, I do not know his name. But meaning of our conversation, I was deposited in the memory very clearly. This teacher elderly for a long time spent in high school, doing and teaching, and science. At the same time he had many students and graduate students from different countries. The best boys and girls from eastern Europe are different bright minds So, according to him, the most talented young people in our country. The best boys and girls, whom he took away from our (Eastern Europe), different bright mind, to grabbed the fly with any information to skillfully apply it. But in terms of ambition, assertiveness, hard work, willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of achieving the result they are much smaller than the others, especially representatives of the Mongoloid race (Western Europeans, according to him, - an interim version).

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