Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann The term 'universal person', and similar to it the definition of 'universal genius' imply that the description of activities and spheres of talent such a person can not be limited to one word. Union 'and' in this If necessary upotrebimykh form: for example, 'and the scientist, and writer, and ...'. Of great personalities who left a significant mark in various fields of human activity, history has not so much - it is in this exceptionalism and manifest their singularity, and, at times, and genius. The most outstanding representative of the universal genius - Leonardo da Vinci. Again 'and': and a painter and an engineer, mechanic, and a pathologist, and inventor. Although - a curious fact - considered himself primarily as an engineer. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the writer, and thinker, and a botanist and an art critic. Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann: the lawyer and writer, and a great storyteller. You can further extend the list, however, I want to think about all the great universal personality, putting his talents in different areas of their interests, they have not tried myself in musical creativity? Answer - yes. Leonardo da Vinci's contemporaries knew him as a brilliant musician and improviser (in fact, the composer), Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann some time held the position of Kapellmeister and led the orchestra, an aria from his operetta 'Le Devin du village' sang the King Louis XV. Talking of rulers of the world. How deep does not extend to politics and power, musical creativity, and attracted the rulers responsible for people's lives: the King of England, founder of the British Empire and the monarch, splinter Roman Catholic Church much of its congregation (founded and headed the Anglican Church) in his spare time writing indulged in gay songs, to which he himself had composed verses. Great Tsar Ivan...
July Aquarium This question is answered, I think, myself, Mike: say anything this, the song is just what is ours and we have an arrangement with Leonidov about her performance. I asked about the 'Aquarium': they say that they have been heard in rock clubs, what they do, whether they have professional status? Man, gave his name as director, replied that 'Aquarium' - it's their friends, they have everything in order, they actively perform and record. After a pause, with high enthusiasm in her voice added: "Rumours of professionalization (in fact, about domestication and corruption 'Aquarium') are greatly exaggerated. It's nothing that they have to 'Music' album came out. 'Aquarium' - an amateur group! " I really liked the concert. Not so much music, much atmosphere. Mike Naumenko It is called the last rock 'n' roll romantic. In the hall of the St. Petersburg underground spirit prevailed (which it seems to me, at least). I think many people besides myself have experienced this sense of belonging to the forbidden (or poluzapretnomu) fetal ... 'Movie'. Actually, it was not a solo concert 'Movie', and the lineup was complete. But first things first. In early July, 1987 (number, in my opinion, 1-2, just before my departure to the Armed Forces) have in Tula by the local Komsomol organization and the Department of Culture, it was decided to conduct a large-scale rock festival with local bands and guests. Previously, such events have not been conducted, so this festival caused great excitement, both from the musicians, and from the audience.

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