Kharkov University In connection with my scientific work I been abroad at the meetings, which brought together scientists from different European countries. We talked, debated, have expressed their views. I could not help comparing (and tried to do it fairly) general level thinking, knowledge and culture of our people with the Europeans. Should be absolutely honest, the comparison was clearly in our favor. Our scientists are allocated flexible, tenacious intellect, ability to lead discussions, to think strategically. AND while they do not exceed the limits of decency: the emotional coloring of communication was, but these emotions are not turned into resentment and conflict. What can be said about the rest. Kharkov University lecturer sure our talent people as evidence of my thesis about the talent of our people will cite the opinion of one professor of Kharkov University, with whom fate brought me one day by chance in the bus. Unfortunately, I do not know his name. But meaning of our conversation, I was deposited in the memory very clearly. This teacher elderly for a long time spent in high school, doing and teaching, and science. At the same time he had many students and graduate students from different countries. The best boys and girls from eastern Europe are different bright minds So, according to him, the most talented young people in our country. The best boys and girls, whom he took away from our (Eastern Europe), different bright mind, to grabbed the fly with any information to skillfully apply it. But in terms of ambition, assertiveness, hard work, willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of achieving the result they are much smaller than the others, especially representatives of the Mongoloid race (Western Europeans, according to him, - an interim version).
Capacity Compose Music How to test themselves on the ability to compose music or songs from the cycle of Article 12 'The creation of new songs and music' The author - Vladimir Shablya music and songs, melodies, rhythms, singing voices from everywhere Music and songs are all around us everywhere and constantly. Melodies, rhythms, singing voices anywhere. We absorb them in spite of our desire. Sometimes binds itself a kind of melody or song and we, without realizing it, humming it to himself, or does it always spinning in our brains. Sometimes, I would like for no reason at all to sing loudly ... 99.9% of songs, instrumental music, music is composed, performed by someone, but 99.9% of these songs, instrumental music, music composed, processed, and already performed by someone, and we only reproduce in their (not always the best) interpretation of existing musical works. And the way I compose myself ringtone, music, song? Entirely justified question: "Can I compose myself melody, music, song? "At one time, more than 20 years ago, I also asked myself that question. And the answer is yes. But not immediately. Probably more, I check and recheck themselves, afraid to make mistakes and make the wish for real. Then I worked through trial and error. Over the years of experience and information "crystallized," "settled," husk eliminated. And now I want to tell you how I understand this issue to date. Music - an art form, embodies the ideological and emotional content in sound art images Before talking about the ability to compose music, you need to decide what music is all.

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