Roxette Returned Sundsvall, Sweden. The clock 22:17. Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson under the deafening roar of the fans came on the scene. They left 13 minutes earlier than scheduled. Was performed 20 songs. The last promo concert in Halmstad August 4 showed that Marie in good shape. However, many had fears for her health. Marie on stage behaved great. She sparkled and was happy. When the last chord sounded 'Church Of Your Heart' hall was drowned in applause, and there were tears in Marie eyes. Together with Per and Marie were on the scene: Christoffer Lundquist (guitar), Magnus Bengtson (bass), Pelle Alsing (drums), Clarence Ofwerman (keyboards), Malin Ekstrand (background vocals). The concert went very well. There have been some problems with Mary with the words of some songs, someone (perhaps Per) slightly correctly played in 'Sleeping In My Car', a number of minor bugs, which certainly did not spoil holiday fans. "I do not want to call this concert a test, but this kind of test for Marie. Will she be able to cope '- Per Gessle says:' We have to give this assessment, but it will be later. We all want to continue to do Roxette. In a world of great interest to what we do. Our new album is half written and when it is completed, we would like to travel around the world. " On gig in Sundsvall were performed the same songs as on the promotional gig in Halmstad, with the exception of 'Things Will Never Be the Same'. 'Silver Blue' took first place in the online vote of fans. Were performed two songs from the solo album by Pera. During their execution of Marie was on the scene. '(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone 'was played in honor of the Monkees. Per and Marie are not completely...
The Music To do this, educate people understand the music and songs. Check with Lena Horne to learn more. Through music on a subconscious level, can spread negative messages of the second constraint, bordering on the danger lies in the fact that the creation of music and songs can be do people not feeling the music, or, even worse, carrying the audience through the music on a subconscious level, aggressive, primitivist, stupefy, misleading from the truth, provocative promises. Mass distribution of such music and lyrics does tremendous harm to society, putting it in the best case, degradation, and at worst - for aggression and self-destruction. Music and lyrics can have a huge mental, So the emotional impact, music and songs can have a huge mental and emotional impact on both individual people and on society as a whole. This effect can be comparable and sometimes even higher in strength compared with the pillars of religion, movies, television, literature, sports, the Internet. The impact of music takes place regardless of whether it is organized in a particular vector, or no music and songs are an integral, essential part of life is the vast majority of the population. It is an indisputable fact. Consequently, the impact of music takes place regardless of whether it is organized in a particular vector or not. Music can bring up a good, beautiful, sympathetic, industrious, active man with one hand, with proper, balanced approach to the music, it can play a role as one of the key factors of good education, beautiful, sympathetic, industrious, active man.

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