Same Events For example, the sound of thunder during the forest walk for many associated with mixed feelings about the possibility of get wet from rain, and someone - on the contrary, with joy over the possibility of a bath. Some sound events may have persistent and unpredictable associations. If a certain song or melody was played earlier in the events that cause pleasant memories, re-listening to songs will also cause a pleasant association. If the same melody is associated with tragic events, it re-audition did not bring sorrow and grief but. According to this, using known songs, you can call or cause stable association as one individual, and the masses. Playing a combination of different objects creates a completely new sounds. For example, the sound of several musical instruments can create an arrangement or cacophony, the voices of several people - slim choir or unpleasant fuss. In the perception of sound is critical atmosphere in which the person is. Connect with other leaders such as Lynn Redgrave here. The same sound at home and at work, day and night, today and yesterday will be perceived differently. If this difference can be from small to zero. Perception of sound can also be conditional upon the physiology and the susceptibility of the person. Audio-frequency oscillations are not distinguishable by ear can cause a feeling of fear. The rhythm of music can enter into a trance, and take away from the real perception. Loud and sharp sound can be annoying and put out. Sound and sound information - is a wave. She, like sea waves, covering your head.
Search Robots Search engines - this is special software that constantly scan the content on the Internet. Here you need to make a small but very important correction - robots crawl only text, ie only web pages in languages html, htm, shtml, xml etc. All other files (archives, graphics, music, video) do not touch the robots. Most often, the word robot, use the word search engine or search engine, although it is not true. Search engine in a simplified form can be written as set of interrelated elements, which necessarily includes: 1. Crawler 2. Database 3. Interface to the users (web site) In order not to confuse the readers of this list, I intentionally removed such items as query processor, and various additional services, which have each search engine. Why robots? Internet - a vast network that contains a wealth of information in any way which may be, but need oriented, ie be able to find the right time the right data. Just for this and want the search engines. To a search engine know what address on the Internet that is, he needs to preview all sites and to place their content in its own database. This is just what and deals with the search robot. Then, when queried, the search engine searches its own database and gives the user the results of his inquiry. It would seem that so much fuss over the fact that the site will be once the program and read it. But robots are browsing sites not one or two times, they do it constantly, because information in the network are constantly changing, some sites reappear, some stop working on some pages there are changes, so a database search engine must constantly make information about all the changes that have occurred in the network. Otherwise, month...

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