Replacing Oil Replacing oil in the engine VAZ 2109 to replace the engine oil 'nines' need quite a few tools and a garage with a viewing hole. Along with the oil change oil filter change. Material: Synthetic Motor oil ESSO 5w40 - 1050 rubles (4 liters) Oil filter Fram - 150 rubles. An oil change should take place on a fully warmed up engine. Engine sump plug, which must be unscrewed to drain the oil is at the bottom, closer to the right front wheel. Before her unscrew, it is useful with a wire brush to clean the dirt around it to not get into the engine. Take the key 17, start to unscrew the plug (certainly require effort). When congestion begins to easily scroll arm substitute for it a pot or other container of not less than 4 liters. In any case not return oil to the ground! Unscrew the cap, you can let it fall into the container with the flow of oil from the engine - and then find it. Let oil flows, but for now go to the next step. While oil is derived from the engine, unscrew the top oil filler cap and start the engine to remove the oil filter. Wrap filter remover and with effort unscrew it. Remove excess oil back under the car. Oil has leaked out and not dripping. To remove excess oil, you can use a large syringe with a tube on the end. Enter the pipe into the hole and pulling the piston oil. So you can remove 200 grams of oil. Do not forget to tighten the plug! Before installing the filter, fill it with new oil and grease with butter its rubber gasket. Wrapped around the filter on the socket and tighten up on 3 / 4 turn with...

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