Imagine Wedding 2. Wedding dance - is the culmination of the wedding! Now imagine your wedding Imagine a sequence of important moments and all that you think will triumph particularly colorful and memorable. In This will help you script a wedding, it is no secret that today the wedding - that's exactly planned and thoroughly planned event, with its storyline and is believed to have such a detailed plan is being implemented according to the script. And here you see the script and trying to find for himself the brightest, the climax of your wedding. Wedding Dance in the script is not written, tk you for some reason did not prepare the first dance. Say what Then, in your opinion, would be especially romantic, memorable moment on a holiday? Congratulatory speeches and toasts are close, various competitions and quizzes for the guests, performance guest artists? Agree, it's all original and obvious parts of any celebration, but you have a wedding and the only thing that can make guests stand still with delight and admiration, no doubt - first wedding dance of the newlyweds! Believe me, the first dance of the newlyweds will make your celebration beautiful and harmonious because wedding dance on the right is the highest and emotional culmination of the holiday! 3. Wedding dance - it's possible! You Ever dreamed of dancing some romantic dance with his favorite person in the circle of people close to you? I am sure that, yes. Then say that you can stop to fulfill your dream, what are all these constraints at this time? Believe me, no difficulties rehearsal process, can not compare with what you will be able to survive after the execution of your first wedding dance.
Barros Land The restricted number of involved entrepreneurs in the urbanizing activities they conferred a more effective control on the stages to be vanquished for the viabilizao of its enterprises as well as on the definition of the places being object of investments in infrastructure, services and other improvements. According to Botelho (2007), in the last few decades of century XIX, the city started if to expand for fertile valleys, being exceeded ' ' hill original' '. The old urban nucleus was changedded into a center business-oriented, as banks, commerce and the small workshops, making with that the residences of the rich families if dislocated for ' ' quarters novos' '. In low lands of the Tamanduate, next to the railroad stations and throughout first the railway ways they had installed ' ' quarters-operrios' ' , making with that the Brs came if to become the more populous urban district of the city; the west had appeared ' ' residential quarters finos' ' , particularly the Fields Elseos and Higienpolis (Azevedo, 1961:37 - 8). Concomitantly to this process of expansion of the city it occurred, as it selected Brito (2000: 131), a process of concentration of the property of the land in its entorno, in which Victor Nothmann, Joaquin Eugnio de Lima, the Breads of Barros and Antonio Proost Rodovalho had had detached paper. Victor Nothmann was shareholding of 13 of the 44 company structuralized under the form of anonymous society tied with the purchase and sales of lands, land divisions and constructions of housings; Francisco de Paula Branches of Azevedo, in eight of them; the Days Da Silva and Antonio Proost Rodovalho appear in seven; Peter Vicente de Azevedo in six, Ccero Bastos in five; Sundays Sertrio, the Breads of Barros, the Mello Oliveira, among others, the four of them are...

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