The Infiltration The marginal cities pass then to directly feel the consequences of the antrpica action in the great centers. The superficial draining direct occurs of intent form in the urban space, whereas in the agricultural area he is diffuse, decentralized. In the cities this type of draining, beyond provoking the assoreamento of streams and rivers, also provokes clogging of galleries that promote the water concentration, provoking the floods. The disequilibrium all provokes also flooding and erosion of the edges of the rivers and slope fall raising still more the assoreamento (TUCCI, 2005). The process that takes of the urbanization until the damages and economic losses, if repeats all time that appears a new quarter. This if of the one in function of low the infiltration of waters and increase of the emanation. This situation is aggravated with the lack of education of the inhabitants of the cities that discard garbage in the public ways, of people who in search of materials you recycle open garbage bags and spread in the streets indesejado material, of the lack of appropriate places for discarding of resultant materials of reforms in the civil construction and other improper actions that do not condizem with the best forms of urban conviviality. This situation is aggravated with the lack of cleanness in the streets, with the habitacionais constructions, impactando urban pluvial waters with residues and other pollutants (SANCHES, 2006). Below the diagram of the urbanization and pluvial draining (SANCHES, 2006 P. 212; apud AMORIM, 2008) URBANIZATION - WATERPROOFING OF the GROUND - REDUCTION OF the TAX OF WATER INFILTRATION - FAST INCREASE OF the OUTFLOW OF the WATER COURSES - DAMAGES AND ECONOMIC LOSSES STUDY AREA: The quarter A.E.Carvalho City, is located in the zone east of S.Paulo, next to the quarter to Itaquera. The quarter is known...

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