In Brazil Of this we will occupy in them in the gift I capitulate. In the world-wide average, the tobaccoism concurs with 80% in the chronic bronchitis and enfisema pulmonary (DPOC), 90% in the lung cancer, 33% in infarto of myocardium and 25% in the accidents vascular cerebral in people above of 60 years of age. They die in the world, annually, 4 million tabagista. The responsible tobacco and for 1 of each 10 death of adults. If this picture if not to revert, is esteem that in the decade of 2030 they will occur, in the world, 10 annual million death (1 death in each 6), being 7 million in the world in development, in which Brazil to be enclosed. One tero of general mortality in the etrio group of 34 the 69 years must to the tobacco consumption. In Brazil, mortality for illnesses tobacco-related oscillates enters 80 100 a thousand. The tobaccoism is the main cause of evitvel death of the planet. Exactly thus, (OMS) it calculates that one tero of the adult world-wide population, that is, 1,2 billion people, is smoking. In Brazil, 200 a thousand deaths per year are caused by the cigarette, according to National Institute of the Cancer (Inca). The TOBACCO AND the PULMONARY ENFISEMA For one better agreement an explanation of as to function the respiratory system of correct form of a normal patient for one better clarification: RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Source: Breath is of act to inspire and to exhale air. Through this process the organism has the power to absorb the oxygen necessary to generate energy and to eliminate the resultant carbonic gas of the chemical reactions. During the breath, air is taken by the pulmes and forced to come back it stops backwards. This normally is automatic fact and involuntarily. As the pulmes...

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