Universal Music GmbH Universal Music GmbH encourages euro 5000,-euro penalty for violation of the cease and desist to Exchange stock market warning more people be dunned for breach of copyright on the Internet. The Declaration is a sufficiently punitive injunctive relief is called regularly. Much about risks and need to submit cease and desist has been discussed in the past. The far majority according to the concerned representative modified omission issued a statement should be on a file-sharing warning out, to prevent weiterem financial damage from the Dunned. As representatives of the people we share this view. So we represent at present throughout Germany several thousand patients. In most cases, a so-called modified Declaration of discontinuance was traded. For the Declaration of failure, it is necessary that the have in the event of a renewed violation of law undertakes to pay a reasonable penalty. So far are only very little falls was known, in which the penalty actually claimed and requested. There are essentially three possible explanations for this: the have off is purified and refrains from "Illegal file-sharing" which has troublemakers safeguards taken, which complicate access to the Wi-Fi the rights holder or the firms shy away from the logistical effort to match violations with previous cease and desist now again, we received a letter in which a penalty from a previously issued cease and desist, is claimed. The Universal Music GmbH represented through the law firm quickly calls in writing the payment of 5000.00 euros. It accused of a concerned he had an already dunned down title for the, also a cease and desist, was again submitted in a swap for the upload kept ready. Thus, the penalty listed in the at the time the Declaration was due. Indeed, doubt in this case that the Universal Music GmbH actually is a...

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