The Musical Sister Act The musical sister Act in Hamburg the musical sister Act is based, as you can imagine, on the game film of 1992, in which the actress Whoopie Goldberg plays the main role. The first performance of the musical took place in 2006 in the United States, in California. Just three years later it was finally in Europe so far: in London. And also in Germany, the successful musical has now taken root because it is listed since December 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. The 3stundige musical is about a singer who will witness of a murder and therefore should be disabled. She ends up in a convent where she is hiding. Initially feels it very uncomfortable at the monastery and has teething problems, but uphill from the moment in which she takes the lead of the nun's choir. She trains the very moderate at the beginning of Gospel Choir and it is so good that even the Pope will attend a concert of the choir. But until it actually does, there are still some incidents the entertaining plot, as well as the Gospel music a fantastic entertainment. Who is guest in Hamburg, which should let this stage entertainment spectacle not to be missed. The musical in two acts is listed in the Operettenhaus Hamburg. You have no support for the musical, want to go out but never alone? Then elite escorts escort Hamburg is exactly the right address for you. The escort ladies of your choice will be a lovely accompaniment, with which you can spend even an exciting evening in a restaurant or for example also in the hotel.
Music Clip The music clip of hills sound is one of the prize winners at the 2010 social media award. The Hamburg music clip of hills sound is awarded 2010 social media award. The award ceremony takes place on Thursday November 4, 2010 in the program Kino ABATON. You appear by the jury and the public Internet vote on the positions 1 to 5 elected posts on the canvas. The film teams of the winners imagine and take the prizes for their impressive contributions on the topic "Poverty and social exclusion" in reception as the lucky winner. The longtime chief reporter of the NDR television, Christoph Lutgert leads through the event as a moderator. Tickets for the free sales are at the box-office of the Abaton-Kino, Allende square 3, 20146 Hamburg. Start of the event is at 17:30. Like, you can reserve your tickets in advance. For a binding order you consult the "Social Media Award" team Tel. 0 40/38 90 45-62 or. Story: Hamburg. It is cold. Actress contains valuable tech resources. The wind to blow whistles Bina, Iolanda, EVI and Manu, because these women live on the street. Conversations with them have inspired the singer Yao Homenya hills sound to dedicate a song to homeless women: "decide for themselves", so the title of the song. The music clip was filmed as hills sound project by the budding filmmaker Marlene Stadie. At this year's social media award, the jury chose the music clip under the best ten entries. The subsequent Internetvoting the clip chosen by now for homeless women among the best 5 posts against exclusion. The short film competition social media award this year has the theme: "Let's see your perspective on poverty and exclusion" and is directed by the by the ARINET gGmbH work integration network (Hamburg). The five...

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