Integrated Management Systems Quality management and safety from a single source integrated management systems such as the QM portal of United planet merge quality management and occupational safety under a single interface. In this way, resources, synergies and increase the competitiveness of the company. Freiburg, April 29, 2009. In many companies, interfaces between individual applications and processes are either not present at all or not optimally solved. Especially for quality-related processes this is often a problem, because they usually access to data from different applications. The applications are not linked, the data must be worn together each time with enormous effort. For this purpose, integrated management systems, which bring together the divisions quality, environmental and work protection in a unified interface offer the solution. Quality-related applications and data across the enterprise can so linked and be provided electronically. Thus the main processes of quality management mesh perfectly and all departments will be included. The major advantages of such a system are the use of synergies, the pooling of resources and the associated increase in the competitiveness of the company. Also avoids redundancies and overhead is significantly reduced. QM (www.unitedplanet.com/ sqm portal) Portal, the portal specialist United planet offers an integrated management system, bringing together the themes of quality, environmental protection and work safety in a corporate portal and linked to a holistic concept of corporate governance. Finished more than 30 applications of the portal is made across the practice over many years. Companies that have brought their many years of experience in the fields of quality management, security management, and ISO certifications in the development were involved. The portal is based on the software Intrexx and can therefore very easily to the be adjusted and any extended each company's individual requirements. The key figure collection measures management to supplier assessment and occupational safety...
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