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Musical Events Network Rock & Blues, " Time in Jazz" , " The limits between Sardinia and Jazz" , " Narcao Blues" , " Expo of jazz europeo" in order to mention the most familiar names. Musical events as these are repeated generally for several years during the summer season. The jazz and the blues are the protagonists in Sardinia and it does not lack the presence of other groups to animate the nights of the different festivales. The tourists (and the Sardinians) are so many not only enthusiastic but also peculiar, who go of a locality from the island to other to attend these events. Estan who decide to take part in a unique concert being happened the day in the locality. And those that decide to spend more days in the place where celebrate the concerts. Many people who choose to come from vacations to Sardinia, spend their vacations in the coast and spend their time almost exclusively to relax to the border of the sea in the beautiful beaches that Sardinia offers. Many want to know the rest the island, the most hidden and authentic interior, the other Sardinia. Places can be found very diverse, rich and suggestive and to each other unique by its natural terrain features and cultural. A true opportunity to know a beautiful zone the island, to taste the flavors, aromas, colors and, mainly the sounds, Time in Jazz is the music festival jazz conceived and organized by the famous Sardinian trompetista Paolo Fresu. One is without doubt of the most known in Sardinia. The concerts are carried out in the most unusual and fascinating places, between mountains, near Lagos, in front of rural churches, in small places of the towns or places as the regional museum of the wine. It is difficult not to...

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