International Jazz Festival International Jazz Festival in Barcelona is Barcelona this fall to a series of cool rhythms and emotional demonstrations to swing, because the 42. International Jazz Festival takes place and adds its unique Spanish twist to the full trappings of jazz music and turns your holiday into a unique event in Spain. Awakened from the beginning of October until the beginning of December Barcelona to life, thanks to the exciting, dramatic mood of 42 fully-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, which will take place in 15 different locations throughout the city. There are a variety of different styles and even greater characters during the Jazz Festival in Barcelona. The Festival goes right on November 3 with great style, when the legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins his celebration continues birthday his 80th, followed by an abundance of names and goodies for all lovers of music. "A few of the confirmed acts to name few: Kurt Rosenwinkel plays his standards trio" on Sunday, November 14th at the Luz de SAG at the next He plays day Monday, again in the renowned Monvinic wine bar. The wonderful, considered perhaps the greatest Cuban Jazz pianist Chucho Valdes will be on Wednesday, November 17 at the Palau de la Musica Catalana talk its the Afro Cuban messengers and charm. Earlier in the same evening you can find him in the blindfold Winefold test, again in the Monvinic, with Dan Quellete. Wine for the palate and Cuban piano music for your ears! On Saturday, November 20th, we see the amazing duo of Perico Sambeat and Joan Diaz, from the JD of all trio, at 20:30 at Luz de gas. For more information see this site: Nancy Glass. "" Midnight promises then this event is Jazz dead? "in Els Jardinets de Gracia, in the District of La Sagrada...
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