Russian Capacity Russian Emergencies Ministry, road, building services special vehicles equipped with new Russian-made. Among other things, a lack of 'normal' car-shop, allowing to create autonomous mobile teams technicians quick response. Typically, a number of conditions required for such workshop on wheels are the basic conditions of a good cross-country, capacity van, winch or crane solid capacity. In light of the accumulated experience, the new car to an auto-road services displays in the light car factory "Chaika-Service '. It should be noted that last year released a series of pilot workshops several based on GAZ-33 081 'Sadko'. Now Automobile 'Seagull-Service' will start on the line of cars on the chassis of ISUZU. The new car-shop - it's a truck with a van, flatbed platform and crane-manipulator setting Amco Veba. Installation located on the rear overhang of the truck that can quickly carry out the repairs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez may not feel the same. Load capacity crane-manipulator set is sufficient for lifting travel, repair and rescue. Van divided into two sections: the household - a place to put teams of 3 persons, a folding table and a device to the driver and the second compartment is equipped with suitable racks, which houses the equipment depending on the nature performed by team work. Flatbed allows to carry additional inventory, equipment and supplies building materials for emergency repairs. . Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.
About Bizerba Bizerba Because she always have the fortunes of the Bizerba confidently and with big heart managed and never gave up, especially in an economically critical time, shortly after the tragic death of her husband, the company prevents the fragmentation. It didn't long not everyone, and we thank our uncrowned ski". A look at the audience was enough to see that she did something: many guests were visibly moved. Frigga herb responds: I am overwhelmed and I would like to thank at this point every Bizerbianer. Thank you, that you pursue with all Bizerba. They are certainly, we as a family business in the future always behind you are. Today is a special day, something unique in my life is to experience such a ceremony." With the help of a video projection followed an audiovisual world trip through the now international world of Bizerba. Numerous employees of national companies from all over the world including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria and the United States congratulated the Jubilee. Especially nice: The recording of her granddaughter, Victoria "Frigga herb: Mimi, I would like to, that your life is so funny, as if a balloon high flying". San Antonio Spurs pursues this goal as well. "Especially suitable: singer Peter Mauch is in the port, accompanied at the piano by TIMEA Bohm Grebur, Frank Sinatra's classic I did it my way" to be the best. Just like on the morning, the rain returned a 20 noon. But that did not diminish in the opposite mood: at the same time, out of nowhere, the roughly 30-Member music Chapel invaded Lyra Oberheim in the rain through the yard's work on the factory floor. A renewed mood was inevitable. As a last surprise of the evening, Frigga was herb, already since 1995, the Association Jurgen Albinger and Joachim Moser...

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