Festival Charles Chaplin Always I remember the brilliant Charles Chaplin, master of the laugh and the emotion. It is not easy to translate same with millions of words what it skillfully made with few images in black person and white, without words, therefore a deep musical comedy was enough. is as many scenes, one of them if ' repeated diverse times in the film; ' The Circo' '. Of the nothing, as it says youth, the proper Chaplin appeared taking ' ' carreiro' ' of a donkey, with a surprising and hilria music of deep. That age party pra me and my youngest son, who did not have nor five years and was waked up until afternoon he waited and me to attend the Festival Charles Chaplin, exactly knowing that I would record the film to see later. is as many Chaplin moments to deoppilate the liver with gostosas outbursts of laughter. In proper ' ' The Circo' ' , a police persecution on rotating picadeiro, with right to some tumbles provoked for the left cones as barriers makes to crack to laugh. the Chaplin if candidatando the clown, but if disarranging to laugh at colleagues who if presented and competed for exactly position? this in the front of the pretense master, the owner of the circus, that at certain moment tumbles of back in the soil, therefore Chaplin takes off, without wanting, its chair. Logical that the tumble results in resignation before act of contract and the too much candidates rolls to laugh at (who knows) future master. is as many hilrias scenes of other films, as the one that Chaplin threads one inside cachorrinho of the pants to enter in a danante club. At any given time, the tail of the dog tears the deep ones of the pants of Chaplin,...

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