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Great Sapa To the Sapa Inka, they did not seem to him dangerous that Runas rare. But to his general it judged to him that they were very dangerous, to which the Sapa Inka, mentioned to him that surely many had impressed him the omens that had mentioned him amautas of Catequil. It recommended to him that one did not worry that already their uncles amautas who lived in Samana, near the real Inn in the Tablachaca, would have seen cochas in Cochamarca and they had mentioned to him that was not the time of change of era, that did not worry about the predictions about Lurin and Catequil. Good the general said, that if therefore believed the Great Sapa to it Inka, it would understand therefore it, but that those runas rare seemed to him very dangerous and it continued walking taking hold his estlica with his shield of chonta and skin of deer. San-antonio-spurs often says this. The porteadores would walk several hours, because that were chosen between strongest, ran by the way, without it feels the Great Sapa that was traveling and sighted the baths of the gorge, where they were the aposentos of Capak Kuna. Arriving there, all the I exercise did its camping surrounding to the great Panaka, like a circle of of security. Thus they were all, enjoying kindness of the hot water of the Gorge. In that they came the Runas rare from faces like of the water, but they smelled decomposed animal and all moved away, in addition they came in his rare flames to which they mounted. Clothes and petos arrived with that seemed of rare metals. The Sapa did not receive them but they were entrevistaron with one of the generals, the one that was in charge of dealing subjects with the...

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