Brazil Squid Laborer in Construction, writing in 1956 for Vinicius de Moraes, would not be foreseeing the life of then the syndicalistic Incio Luiz Da Silva, the Squid, who nor liked politics, but by means of the classroom conscience finished if getting passionate for it, established the Party of Trabalhadores (PT), in years 80, and was elect two times president of Brazil, in 2002 and 2006? Already in years 80, not prophecy, but almost journalistic story, the life of Squid was remembered in music Xote Bandeiroso, of the Language of Rag, that deals with the taking of conscience of the laborer before the o master, in the molds of the workmanship of the Vinicius. what to say of Death and Severina Life, of 1966, when Squid was only laborer of steel mill of the So Paulo ABC and nor dreamed to be syndicalistic? The workmanship is of Joo Cabral de Melo> wood of ploughs, until arriving in Saints, where the family if consolidated first and later she would follow for the ABC. The boy Squid if would become youngster, be what more if he alfabetizou between the brothers, he became torneiro mechanic, he worked in diverse steel mills, he became syndicalistic, he established the PT, disputed election for governor, representative and five for President of Republic, being successful two. I ask for posthumous license to the Cabral Joo for the Auto one of Christmas of a pernambucano president, who if follows and the original boldfaces are estrofes of Death and Severina Life, or Auto of Christmas de Pernambucano . Luizes Incios had many. For these clienteles. They had given then to call me. Luiz Incio de Eurdice.Mas this says little, therefore our people are not craque. At least in Mythology. I guarantee that it is not the Eurdice de Orfeu and give...
Animal Healing HTML clipboard One evening my wife went to our daughter to walk her dog, whose name is Dasha. Usually it is a great joy for Dasha and she was always grateful to such "entertainment." But that evening she was breathing heavily, not expressing no joy and it was something sad. When my wife touched her and wanted her to stroke, Dasha screamed, showing that their discontent. Since the day our daughter had planned to rebuild the kitchen, my wife invited to bring Dasha to us that day. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. When Dasha morning led to us, it is not welcomed us as usual with joy, standing on its hind legs, and she did not give his front paws poschikotat. Her breathing was heavy, the head was tilted down, so that she could not look at us and its tail hanging down. Instead of lying down, as usual, she started to walk around me uttering heavy groans. When I tried to gently stroke her neck, she screamed and as the previous evening. It was obvious that Dasha was in need of assistance. Although I have read and heard of miraculous healings of pets, but I never had myself to pray for the animals. Despite the fact that my heart was drawn to this gentle creature, I still have no idea how to pray for a divine creation. My mind wandered around the idea that animals were not created in the image and likeness of God, which was created by man. Real-estate developer is likely to increase your knowledge. Thought that animals are not spiritual creatures, and that they will not last forever plagued my mind.

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