Nintendo Entertainment System With the popularizao is transferred to enclose it more people of different etrias bands. Figure 1: Video Game Atari 2600 Source: ' ' Through its life, was esteem the production of 40 million units and its list of games is of more than 900 commercial headings up to 1991. The Atari was very popular in Brazil from the way of the decade of 1980. Atari 2600 was officially pensioner in the day 1 of January of 1992, becoming the video game of bigger life in the history of games of U.S.A. It approximately had a useful life of 14 years and 2 months - three times more than the life ' normal' of one console.' ' (). The Atari represented a landmark for the time and popularized the video-games, was the console of bigger useful life comparing it the consoles of the present time. Its reign was long and opened space for the sprouting of new desenvolvedores and new technologies for the games, being considered as a legend, until today, for all the apreciadores of video games. 2.2 You know the Mario? With the weakness of the sales and many considering the games as plus a fashion passenger, he had those that had continued to invest its forces of form to give continuity for the industry. Many of that before they played, had passed of players the desenvolvedores, showing that the culture was if taking root. In 1993, with the launching of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), we start to witness the sprouting of a new cultural landmark: the birth of the Mario, personage who if became the registered mark of the return of the video-games, based on the proprietor of the shed where Nintendo was installed, that it charged the rents delayed without mercy, perhaps for this reason, the...

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