The Incontrolada The biggest indices of death associate it patient with orotraqueal intubao (TOT) submitted to the ventilation mechanics (VM), with PAVM diagnosis, that is an inflammatory reply of the host to the incontrolada multiplication of microorganisms invading the distais aerial ways. This (PAVM) is characterized by after occurring 48 hours of the endotraqueal, resultant intubao of the disequilibrium enters the defense of the host and the virulence of the patgeno, caused for any agent as fungo, virus, parasites or bacteria (in its majority) favoring the persistence and invasion of the low respiratory treatment. incidence varies of 9% 68%, depending on the used disgnostic method and the studied population. The lethality varies between 33% and 71% and the relation between case and the fatality can reach up to 55%. Read more here: Sally Rooney. The occurrence risk increases of 1% 3% for each day of permanence in ventilation mechanics. (GUIMARES, ROCCO, 2006; TEIXEIRA, 2004). These patients lose the natural barrier between orofaringe and the trachea, eliminating the cough consequence and promoting the accumulation of secretions contaminated in the VAIN ones, facilitating to the settling of the traqueobrnquica tree and the secretion aspiration contaminated for inferior aerial ways. The primary route of fond of a microrganismo of the trachea is the aspiration of orofarngeos patgenos or the secretion ticket I contend bacteria around cuff (ballonet) of the endotraqueal pipe, what it causes the local settling and the tecidual invasion when the mechanical defenses (epitlio ciliar and muco) and cellular (macrophages, linfcitos and citocinas) of the patient they are surpassed thus constituting the beginning of the infection. The IOT is the factor of more important risk for the sprouting of the PAVM, therefore a reservoir for the bacterial proliferation can become, increasing the tack and its settling in the VAIN ones and taking the...

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