Existential Things Preamble: I want bars of this study to show how much it is harmful to be remembering the negative past. We need to forget the negative things in all the areas: Relationary, Labor, Sentimental, Commercial and Existential. The instructions that we will shed here in this subject will be of great advantage for each one of that a trauma of the past or a complex of guilt is living. The initial text is exclusive in all Bible and an excellent example to be followed: forgetting me them things that stop backwards are and advancing for that ahead of me I - NEGATIVE SOUVENIRS OF the PAST BLOCK the GIFT 1.Impede the pardon: The true pardon is the esquecimento of the wound, of the offence, as same God says: your sins I do not remember more. (Is 43,25) It has people that they need to pardon itself exactly, of its committed errors and later pardoning those had offended that you. (Pr 19,11) discretion of the man becomes it longnimo, and its glory is to pardon the injuries. 2.Impede the joy: The bad past can cause many sadnesses, disgusts, can make to cry. 3.Impede the peace: The people generally lose the peace, the appetite and sleep when they remember not treated the negative last things. 4.Impede the harmony: It has people that each time that if she remembers a situation that caused anger, comes back to feel the same emotion is as to place vinegar in the wound. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jay Schwartz. (Pr 25,20). 5.Eles shows the wounds excessively: (Zc 13,6) If somebody to say to it: That wounds are these in your hands? It will answer: They are the wounds with whom I was wounded in the house of my friends.
Chronic Diseases Why are they on the rise, what can you do? Bird flu, swine flu, norovirus, EHEC why are these diseases? And time and again we hear that tuberculosis also will return. Is it really so that pathogens come and go? At the same time, chronic diseases such as allergies and cancer, increasing rapidly. Is there perhaps a link? What can we do to prepare ourselves? A consideration from the viewpoint of holistic medicine. To get the answers to these important questions to advance an example from nature: hardly it is warm in spring, already sprouting plants. Tony Parker describes an additional similar source. And no, you can stop it, even the weeds. Would anyone now say that the weed was not there before? Hardly. Everyone knows that the bacteria in the soil are slumbering. Speaking candidly San Antonio Spurs told us the story. As soon as the necessary conditions prevail, they sprout forth. When the weeds are Sun, heat and moisture. But not everywhere, but only where a suitable breeding ground is given. The environment favours the Development so it is also in our organism. Here, the weed is called"viruses and bacteria. They belong to our lives as air to breathe. Bacteria are even necessary, so that we can live. Think of the intestinal bacteria needed for digestion. We would love to give up viruses. But they also include, with respect: they are far outnumbered the people all over the world. But if so: why we then actually still alive? The man has an ingenious system that understands all these things our immune system. In part we get with the immunity of our ancestors. Experiences that made them, are rooted in the genetic information. Unfortunately, even those who are wrong. Therefore, the genetics in holistic medicine has so important. To...

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