Willian Labov The research sociolingstica' ' it presents ideas, concepts, examples and problems on the battles stopped between the lingusticas variants. It considers to describe, to analyze and to decide it them the universe of the said language, that the author calls of ' ' caos' ' lingusticos. The book brings important aspects on the language, its relation with the society, its heterogeneidade and variation. It also argues on the model of analyzes sociolingustica and the collection of data to become a research. The book is divided in eight chapters: The relation between language and society; The sociolingustico fact; The lingustica variation: lower court; The lingustica variation: second tier; Variation and lingustica change; Conclusions; Critical vocabulary and commented Bibliography. In chapter 1, the author raises some questionings on discomfort that the said language cause in the individual and brings the possibility to try to process, to analyze and systemize the universe of the said language. The author considers them to face it ' ' caos' ' of the language said having as starting point its relation with the society and having as study object the lingustica variant, since the said language heterogeneous and is diversified. For in such a way the main objectives of the book it is to learn to analyze and systemize the lingusticas variants. The author also presents us the starter of the theoretical model metodolgico Willian Labov, with its proposal of reaction to the absence of the social component in the gerativo model, its model also is known as ' ' sociolingstica quantitativa' ' , for dealing with numbers and statisticians. The diverse ways of if saying the same thing in one same context and with same truth the author flame of lingusticas variants and to this set of 0 variable variants.
The Best Of Veneto The Northern Italian region introduces itself in Berlin and Brandenburg welcome the Veneto region would like to invite the Berlin audience from August 15 to 23 in the context of the Athletics World Championships to a presentation of the tourist offers and wine tasting in the courtyard of the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. The tourist offer is the berlinern audience a variety before thanks to the presence of tourism organisations that distribute their own promotional material. Everything is accompanied by excellent Gratiskostproben, specially prepared by the renowned chef Gabriele Ferron, typical regional dishes such as risotto with radicchio Verona or tortellini di Valeggio to bring them. During the World Championship is Athletics the region Veneto from 15 to 23 August 2009 in the Kulturbrauerei/Prenzlauer Berg (Court 1) the Berliners and Brandenburgers as destination before. This information are to the region -, in addition to the tourist magnet (and 1987 UNESCO world cultural heritage) Venice, Lake Garda, Palladian villas, cities such as Verona with the Summer Festival includes also Adriatic beaches such as the Lido or the beaches of Jesolo, Bibione and Chioggia - provided our mobile information stands in the ancient arena, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, and culinary specialties of the region offered free of charge. A feast for the mind and palate! The specialita della regione will be prepared by the renowned chef Gabriele Ferron. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). For issues related to the practical travel planning - culture holidays to adventure and camping trip - are professionals from Veneto for discussions; for interested individuals, as well as for professional tour operators. Traditionally the Veneto region is popular specially with German tourists from southern Germany who take advantage of the geographical proximity of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg for decades for short trips and vacations to/in Northern Italy. Berlin and Brandenburg have discovered...

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