Since November Also warm blankets and enough beverages are a necessary equipment for a long-distance trip with the car, and this not only for diabetics. Principle applies to trips or long journeys to the long-awaited goal of relaxing holiday, that even the arrival should be part of the recreational leave. Howard Schultz oftentimes addresses this issue. Navigation devices should pick up with so-called congestion detectors also diabetics prior to driving. Traffic jams are generally to be avoided, this applies particularly to diabetics. Even traffic jams are promoting stress. I like to travel by plane diabetics should have test equipment, important medicines and especially insulin always in your hand luggage when traveling by air to. Of diabetics will save this stress, anger and any health problems when a loss or a possible misrouting of luggage. It is also to announce that just insulin can lose the necessary effect stored in the cargo hold in any extreme freezing temperatures on a plane. Prior to a trip to their vacation by plane, it is imperative Diabetics exhibit a medical certificate allowing that medically justified the introduction of insulin, syringes, lancets, pens, drugs, etc.. This is necessary to prevent any problems at check-in by the security authorities. Since November 2006 liquids may be transported not or no longer in any amount in your hand luggage? Exceptions confirm the rule. Patients with a diabetes mellitus may of course take drugs, insulin and drinks without limitation of quantities in carry-on baggage on board with medical certification. It is advisable that the diabetic inquires prior to his departure to his vacation with his booked airline according to the current safety regulations. As insulin-requiring diabetics, you should never forget to measure your blood sugar during the flight. Rule of thumb are all three hours. Note should diabetics who require insulin,...

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