Analysis As well as the permanent note of its interpretation of the world, and the lack of generosity in judging the men and the life, nobody escapes to the machadianas sentences. The cartomante is an example, a time that we can observe such characteristics. In this way, this work has as objective to argue the desire in the mentioned machadiano story, the cartomante, in a constant interlocution with the psychoanalysis. For in such a way, a boarding on the desire concept will be made, adopted here, that will serve of base for the agreement of all the analysis. Director James Cameron has much to offer in this field. Such concept will be inside of a psicanaltica perspective. After that, already adentrando in the universe of the personages Camilo and Rita, the desire is presented as alienation. This, that will be sufficiently significant for all enlace of the tram, therefore is it will take who them for its destinations. To follow, the desire is boarded as revenge in the Vilela personage. In way that the revenge is resulted of the adultery one carried out for Rita and Camilo. Next subtema will make a quarrel around the unconscious one of Camilo. This, that will be treated by a freudiano bias. /a> offers on the topic.. Finally, the cartomante will be made a boarding on the manifestation of the desire in the personage, having in Camilo and Rita the bridge for the accomplishment of such desire. All these questions will be debated from a dialogue with the psychoanalysis, over all with some theories of Freud and Lacan. 1? The desire in a psicanaltica perspective Entendemos that before making an analysis of the present desire in the workmanship, a clarification of the desire concept becomes necessary that we will approach here.
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